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  1. narcos

    Slayer helms

    Okay, thanks for mentioning it, will resolve the issue.
  2. Will look into future season pass additions 🙂 thanks.
  3. narcos

    First maxed prestige.

    Congratulations! what an achievement 🙂
  4. This has been resolved.
  5. If you would like to pay using other methods, Contact @Narcos.
  6. Welcome to Turmoil! 🙂
  7. The Time Has Come! I am very excited to announce the release of Turmoil coming this 23rd May, I will covering all the details and events we are going to be hosting prior to and during the release date! Release Date: 23rd May 3PM EST Want to stay updated about the release? Make sure to join our discord regarding the updates on launch and to stay up-to date about Turmoil's future, so make sure guys check out our discord by clicking here: Turmoil Official Discord We also have an official count down you can find it on the forums and home page! Turmoil Event's Max Competition: • First to max Normal Account; 50$ Scroll • First to max Lord Account (Prestige 1); 100$ Scroll • First to max Legend Account (Prestige 2); 1x 100 Scroll 1x Season Pass • First to max Extreme Account (Final Prestige); 1x 250$ Scroll 1x Season Pass • First to max Ironman; 50$ Scroll • First to max HC Ironman; 100$ Scroll Note: The same applies to Ironman and HC Ironman prestiges. PvM Competition: • First Inferno Kill; Red Partyhat • First Elysian Spirit Shield (Screenshot Proof); 250M Coins • First Divine Spirit Shield (Screenshot Proof); 250M Coins • First Blowpipe from Zulrah (Screenshot Proof); 100M Coins • First Dragonfire Shield drop (Screenshot Proof); 50M Coins • First Abyssal Whip from Abby Demons (Screenshot Proof); 25M Coins PvP Competition: • First to 25 PvP Kills; 500 PK Points • First to 100 PvP Kills; 1000 PK Points • First to 250 PvP Kills; 1000 PK Points, 1x 10$ Scroll Can you start Voting? Yes! you can start voting from now and you will be able to collect all you're voting points upon the release! To start voting make sure you create an account on our forums by clicking this link: Create A Forums Account It's very appreciated to help our community grow before our launch day. Start voting now and recieve additional rewards for being the top 5 voter of the month Vote Now Donations are Live! (15% Off Till Release) We have decided to open up the donations pre-release and have given you the chance to obtain Turmoil donation post's with a 15% discount up until the release of Turmoil on 23rd May! You can visit our donator store here: Donator Store For more information regarding Donation Benefits and Ranks click here: Donation Benefits & Ranks Thank you so much for reading this post! I'm very excited about the upcoming release of Turmoil and I hope to see you all online with us! Turmoil Management.
  8. Thank you for taking your time to create your own guide on Turmoil! Any guide created that gets approved by a moderator+ will be rewarded 5x Mystery Boxes Guide Guidelines: • Screen Shots • Properly written/detailed • Easy to go through Turmoil Management
  9. Report a Player • Report a Bug • Appeal a Punishment Players are permitted to play on alternate accounts during a punishment assuming the ban allows such access. However in this case if similar behavior continues on the alternate account the original punishment may be upgraded and/or considered for Punishment Evasion. 1. Harassment, Flaming & Inappropriate Content or Language Harassment or disrespect towards any players race, religion, creed, beliefs or otherwise similar is not tolerated. Players are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly, fair & friendly manner at all times whether in public, friends chat, clan chat or otherwise similar avenue. Inappropriate content and language in any avenue as such mentioned above is not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to; pornographic material, sensitive topics, violence or otherwise similar content. Any personal attacks aimed at another player including but not limited to threat of ddos/dox will result in a permanent ban across the Turmoil platform. 2. Advertising Any attempts at advertising another Private Server on any Turmoil owned or related platforms is strictly forbidden. Specific common links are most often permitted however under the condition they direct to the proper locations. 3. Bug Abuse Cheating, glitching, duping, or any type of bug abuse without being immediately reported is prohibited. Make the server a better place and report it to a Staff member. 4. Scamming Scamming other players is prohibited. Each case will be looked at carefully to determine if a scam has taken place; everything is logged. This includes, but is not limited to: luring, bug-abuse, trust-trading, stake-rule-switching, etc. Never gamble without screen recorder as it makes a better case when you show a video of the scam. However, trusted gamblers are there in all cases. Gambling aside of them is at your own risk. 5. Spam Sending repeated messages in the chat is fine, as long as the previous message has completely moved out of the chat box before sending a new one or there is a valid reason to do so 6. Market This rule is simple, Please refrain from all real world trading. 7. Multilogging Using two clients to gain an advantage over other players that you would not normally have is not allowed. For example, running two accounts in LMS or PKing at the same time on two accounts. We do allow users to use multiple accounts in most areas of the game, the following areas are excluded and will be punishable if caught: Wilderness, Bossing, Minigames. To clarify what we deem acceptable with wilderness scouts; if your scout and your main account are both logged into the wilderness this will be breaking the rule (an example would be having an account killing a wilderness NPC and a scout sitting somewhere watching for PKers). If you use a scout to check if an area is clear, log out/teleport away on the scout and then teleport to the wilderness on your main account.. this is fine. Rules are subject to change/updated, Turmoil Management. 04/05/2020
  10. Hello Matthew 😄!
  11. narcos

    Flee's intro

    Hi flee, welcome to Turmoil :)

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