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    No bans have been applied recently - we did have some downtime for about a day and a half but that shouldn't have interfered - have you tried to log in again recently? I have typed the unban command incase something glitched.
  2. Hello everyone. We know this post has been a long time coming, but we thank you all for you continued support and dedication during our quietest time so far. The Mistake Reflecting on our release, we've all agreed we weren't anywhere near ready. You might say the release wasn't TERRIBLE but definitely behind the scenes we had a few last minute choices and changes that made release more complicated than it needed to be. The server was also not ready in terms of content and balancing, nor was it ready in terms of structure and communication. There are reasons we've gradually dropped from an 80 player release to the point we are now and we're looking to make changes to make sure this doesn't happen again. Communication We are fully aware that communication has been poor. If you join the Discord, you should expect to be able to communicate easily with whoever is at the top of the user list. That person should be the spearhead of community interaction and be able to swiftly make decisions and come to conclusions. I'm sure nobody anticipated, even Narcos himself, that his involvement would gradually decline until the point where he's being called out publicly in Discord.. in order to remedy this situation I will be taking up the role of Manager/Community Manager. The idea behind this is that I will be able to take some pressure off of Narcos' shoulders as well as providing the community with the figurehead they want. Someone who will answer their questions/queries and provide a link between developers and community. We're also going to be working on the communication between ourselves behind the scenes in order to get things flowing better. Considerations When thinking of how to fix the current situation, we considered a few things. Renaming/relaunching the server, economy reset/stats reset and even temporarily closing the server for 1-2 months. Ultimately all of these ideas don't provide much of a benefit and just dismiss the dedication those who still play are showing. We have however had to adjust the experience and prestige level of those who had prestiged due to a bug that wasn't changing XP rates upon prestiging. The plan for the future We're not going to be purchasing advertisements for a period of 1-2 months. We don't feel what we currently have to offer is worth committing to. There are a lot of fundamental issues we need to address, both in-game and on the website. We need to review a lot of what we have to offer as well as refine/perfect our current content alongside continuing to add new content. There will be no server closure, economy/stat reset or server relaunch during this time. We are going to be changing the way we work behind the scenes to become more efficient and more thorough with our updates. So for the next month (possibly two) there will be no paid advertisements running but the server will continue to run as normal. We want to show thanks to those who have been committed to playing our server by allowing them to continue playing. I know to most of you hearing no paid ads will be a bad thing, but understand that we aim to launch advertisements after 1-2 months when the server is much more refined. We will also be looking to bring someone with marketing experience into the team with around a month or so left to go. Turmoil Testers I am going to be creating a new rank that can be applied for, the Turmoil Tester rank. Turmoil Testers will help us test new content, check bugs have been fixed and provide feedback and assistance to developers if they need it (this isn't a forced role, you don't have to be available 24/7 to help out). In exchange for your help, we'll provide you with an exclusive in-game rank and early access to update information. There may be other incentives/rewards down the road, these would need to be discussed. My goal with this rank is to ensure all content that makes it to the live server gets there having been checked over by at least 1 developer and 1 Turmoil Tester.. more opinions means more variables are considered and less oversights happen. Updates over the next 1-2 months You may be wondering what you can expect from us over the time period I've brought up multiple times throughout this post. Our main goal is to refine our current content and services, including mystery boxes/donator shop/voting rewards. We want to go through and clean out the entire Discord section of Bug Reports, sorting them categorically based on severity/priority and continue to work on activities that help keep players involved and busy. Automated minigame events and the ability to bring mini-game bots along with you to fill out player requirements are a top priority. Things like being able to change your password, presets fully functioning and server events being automated and more frequent are high on our list. Hydra will also be released during this time frame. Double Experience and Tournaments Double Experience should be predictable. You should know exactly when it is and it should happen consistently. The current system we have of somebody logging in and just giving whoever is online an hour of DXP isn't practical. We'll be considering offering a guaranteed weekend of Double Experience every weekend alongside the small boosts you can get whilst voting, instead of just using the command randomly throughout the week. In terms of Tournaments, these will be held less frequently during this lull period and the rewards for non-automated tournaments will no longer be Mystery Boxes. I am considering the creation of a tournament specific box that has related rewards that aren't too game breaking if we do want to run tournaments as staff members beyond the automated ones. There will be new tournament modes created too, you can expect to see things such as max melee and monk robes risk fight style presets and perhaps even tribrid smite only.
  3. oops i'll add that in. duradel!
  4. Hi again everyone! Thank you all for your continued dedication and patience; here's another bunch of bug fixes for you as well as new content!! Smoke Devil Dungeon!! With the addition of the Smoke Devil Dungeon comes two new creatures to kill, Smoke Devils and the Themonuclear Smoke Devil boss. In the form of new items, the Occult Necklace, Smoke Battlestaff, and Mystic Smoke Staff! To kill the new NPCs you'll need to be wearing a Facemask/Slayer Helmet as well as a Slayer level of 93. Smoke devils have ranged magic hits. The smoke devil's ranged levels will be used to calculate accuracy against the player's magic defense/bonuses. Thermonuclear Smoke devil hits through prayers, but the regular smoke devil's damage can be negated using Protect from Ranged prayers. If you don't want to use protect prayers, then equip high magic defense gear. You can be assigned Smoke Devils as a Slayer task from Duradel. Corporeal Beast This not so formidable foe has received some buffs to bring him in line with how he's actually meant to be. As an example, he didn't ever spawn dark core and his HP was 750 instead of 2,000. He's a harder fight now, but with a few defense lowering special attacks and being on-task you'll make easy work of him. Bug Fixes Charms have become a lot more available through NPC drops. They may still need some tweaking - please give me your feedback! Fixed the bug not letting you re-weild the Chaotic Staff in MAX NH tournaments. Added missing items to the Herblore Supplies shop, as well as making the items noted for easier purchasing. Fixed the kept on death values of Viggora's, Craw's and Thammaron's (some other items too). Bandos Godsword now uses 50% per Special Attack instead of 60%. Dharok's effect formula has been improved. Melee accuracy/combat formula has been improved. Boot will now fix your Cannon using money from your pouch. Box of Health is now free. Black Mask can now be operated to check kills remaining. Fixed Castle Wars Ticket description. Added stats to Melee Dungeoneering NPCs. Uncharged Bracelet of Ethereums can now be dismantled for 100 Revenant Ether.
  5. the box isnt really intended for new players, its aimed at people who have enough money to be able to spend to quickly heal up. we could add a right click option i'm sure.
  6. Hi everyone! Another Thursday brings another update and in this one we've addressed a bunch of highly requested issues. We'll also be detailing a few things we're aiming to fix specifically in the coming weeks, as well as new content we want to add! GAME UPDATES Wilderness All untradeable items will now go to Perdu on death, regardless of you being in the Wilderness or not. They will still be kept based on death value however, meaning some items will always protect over others (you would keep a Chaotic Rapier over a Fire Cape, for example. Fire Cape would go to Perdu, Chaotic Rapier to your Inventory). Please see the below example picture: The Slayer Helmet will now convert to a Black Mask upon death (this will only happen when killed by another player in the Wilderness). Fixed a bug where Chaotics were not correctly being protected upon death in the Wilderness. Dungeoneering Fixed a bug where you could equip Chaotics without the correct Dungeoneering level (80). Fixed a bug that stopped players cooking more than 1 fish on a fire inside Dungeoneering. You no longer lose your bound items if you disconnect whilst Dungeoneering. Dungeoneering Tokens have been buffed from floors 1-34. Miscellaneous Resting has been fixed, it now restores run energy faster and scales based on your Agility level. There is now a health box outside Home bank that will heal your HP, lowered stats, special attack and run energy! Players are now removed from Clan Chats if they X log. Ironmen now have access to the Armour Set Shop as well as the ability to open sets via the same NPC. Slayer Masters will no longer walk away before you've had a chance to finish speaking to them (sorry Taric). The chat messages for buying items back from Perdu have been made clearer. Increased the cost of buying back PvP items from the Weird Old Man. A lot of item drop values have been adjusted to allow for the correct items to protect over others. Client Fixed an issue with Ground Decorations showing. XP drops now fade when they go away. Fixed a bu where XP drops were able to show an XP drop of 0. FUTURE ROADMAP Alongside continuing to fix the extensive list of bugs you've provided to us, we have plans for a few more features in the coming weeks. I'll list these below! Client RuneLite settings tab Website Improve performance of the website. Improve/fix the Donator Store and Highscores. Spinning Wheel/Squeal of Fortune???!!!! Server Smoke Devils + Thermonuclear Smoke Devil. Player Minigame Bots (to increase activity of minigames). Fixing stats for Dungeoneering NPCs (so they actually deal damage). Custom Edgeville home map. Improving Charm Drop rates and creating popular spots to farm charms (rock lobsters, bosses etc). Dharok Minigame! We hope you are as excited as we are for what's to come!! Look out for another post from Narcos soon regarding advertising and server growth!!!
  7. luke

    Update #4: A Bug's Life

    We'll be reverting this update in a hotfix this week hopefully - looks like we misunderstood a suggestion or bug report.
  8. Hi everyone! In this update we're focusing solely on Bug Fixes, and the next update or 2 may continue to do so until we feel we're in a good spot with the issues you've been reporting (keep them coming, thank you!). • The Ironman Shop has had more runes added to it, as well as the 3 God Staves. We will be adding a 2nd Ironman shop in the near future with a few low-tier gear setups so that early game Ironmen aren't stuck running around in their Ironman Armour. • The Prayer level-up interface model has been fixed. • When Dungeoneering, players will no longer gain 1x Combat XP. • The Avatar of Destruction will no longer be given as a Slayer Task. • Fixed an issue with Skillcape prices showing as 9999 Dwarf Remains. • Improved various Boss NPC drop rates. Zulrah, Corporeal Beast, all GWD bosses and Demonic Gorillas to name a few. • Adjusted the item value of some popular items. Will continue to work on these for the next update. • Morvan will no longer walk away when you try to speak with him (this fix should apply to all other NPCs) • The Lottery can no longer be won by staff members. • When teleporting, any damage you receive is now nullified. • Magic Accuracy whilst PVMing has been greatly improved. • You can now smelt Ores using the 10x option. • The Demonic Gorillas teleport now takes you to the correct location outside of the Wilderness! The ones in the Wilderness still remain too. • You will no longer continue Cooking after a fire extinguishes. • Ava's Accumulator and Coloured Slayer Helmets now go to Perdu. • Untradeables lost above 21 Wilderness should now drop as Coins and no longer go to Perdu. • Fixed an issue with the Money Pouch glowing. • Players can now unnote Bones at the Wilderness Chaos Altar in lvl 44 Wilderness.
  9. Updated the Rules with the addition of Rule 7 - Multilogging.
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    First maxed

  11. Hi Everyone! We've been hard at work over the past week addressing bugs and issues you're reporting, as well as preparing for adding new content you're suggesting. Thank you to everyone who reports even the smallest issue; we want to strive for perfection. Updates • Added RuneLite's ground item overlays! To turn this on go to the settings tab and turn on the "Ground Item Overlay" toggle. • Presets are now live! You can get to this interface by clicking the "Preset Manager" button in your bank. 🙂 • Added more donator benefits • If you're an Adamant Patron or above talk to Murphy at ::dz2 and he will take you to a secret island. You'll have to talk to him to see what it is. • We began rewriting Kalphite queen QoL/Bug fixing • You can now use your money pouch when interacting with Murphy • Ultra Mystery Boxes have received a buff • Added Server Announcements for Rare loots, if we are missing any please let us know! • Added HP orb click to heal poison • Added correct Zulrah Loot ::checkdrops Zulrah • Fixed bug with gaining PK Points in mini-games. • Name change can now use Capital letters • Fixed zulrah snakelings issue • Boosted dungeoneering tokens by 25% • Added dungeoneering boost Token • Added microphones to Vote and Donate store (Redeem for 10 Yells) • Fixed glory teleport click • Fixed some lines through the MA2 • VLS Special attack rolls against 25% armor rating of the opponent • Re-wrote Wildywyrm boss and babies • Fixed gmaul special attack to 50% (Use granite clamp on a normal granite maul) • Fixed Kraken drops ::checkdrops Kraken • Increased melee accuracy on Weapons • Fixed Pest Control Mini-game issue with gaining participation points • Fixed issue toggling auto retaliate • Rewrote Bulwark Beast • Alot of other hotfixes that were reported • You can now use your money pouch when interacting with Murphy
  12. Nice guide for a simple enough skill!
  13. Hi everyone! We hope you are enjoying your time here at Turmoil so far. I know release day wasn't as smooth as we had liked however thank you for everyone who has been reporting issues; that really helps us improve Turmoil. Over the past couple weeks we have been fixing bugs you all have been reporting. We have also been listening to your feedback and have been adding new features to the game that you guys are requesting! Here's a list of QOL updates from our last Beta #3 update to day after launch. Next update we'll have new features for you guys and continue to improve your experience on Turmoil so stay tuned! Updates • We have added Discord integration with Turmoil. It's very simple right now but there's a lot we still have planned for this. If you head over to Lounge ➡ ingame-events the Discord bot will tell you when certain events are active. Such as minigames, double exp, PK Tournaments etc. • Fixed issue with auto retaliate while running away when being attacked (Gonna make combat feel a lot more smoother) Before: After: • Fixed issue with crafting rings, necklaces and amulets (would disconnect you before) • Fixed Draynor Jail Guard npc models and animations (swapped them with osrs ones) • Fixed broad arrows bought from the slayer shop not being stackable. • Fixed slayer gloves bought from the slayer shop not being wieldable. • Disabled OpenGL on mac (We will look into fixing this down the road) • Fixed a bug with clicking Rapid Restore prayer (it thought it was Rapid Renewal and required 65 prayer :O) • Updated dialogues for King Roald. Talk to him if you would like to take on a challenge and prestige your account. (don't mind the tiny player head model :D) • Made an optimization for downloading the cache. Should be much faster for everyone now. • Fixed clicking to open url on Mac OS (e.g fixes clicking "Forgot Password" on login screen which is suppose to open your default browser and navigate to https://www.turmoil.io/lostpassword) • Fixed dwarf multicannon models • Pvp weapons and armor e.g vesta, statius, morrigans, zuriels no longer degrades. (If you receive a degraded item via drop then it will continue to degrade) • The Bracelet of Ethereum now functions correctly. • Revenant Cave NPCs fixed. • The Summoning Shop has been expanded on. • You will now continue to gain 400x XP rate in a combat skill in the Wilderness up until you gain 99 in that skill. • Dungeoneering Shop has been fixed. • Ironmen ranks now save upon logout. • Slayer Helms are no longer tradeable. • The time left to complete the Season Pass has been increased to 45 days (44 remaining as of now). This is subject to review/change based on your feedback! • Attack option "Left click where available" has been fixed. • Players logging in for the first time will now be put straight into the "Help" Clan Chat. • The Inferno has been fixed (with such a precise minigame if anything still happens to be lacking please do not hesitate to tell us). • PK Tournament presets have been adjusted, with the Super Combat potion being added. • Voting rewards are now automatically claimed. There's plenty more we will be fixing, thank you to everyone who is helping by reporting bugs and posting suggestions. All of your feedback and contributions are valued highly!
  14. welcome, looking forward to playing alongside you

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