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  1. Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a great time on Turmoil. Today we're excited to say this is our biggest update so far. The focus this week has been continuing to fix bugs you all have been reporting. We have also listened to your feedback and suggestions and have implemented some highly requested features. Thank you all for continuing to report bugs and give us some great ideas. New Features: • Added skill xp drops • You can now set custom titles with a $10 scroll • Ground item context menu now matches ground item overlays • Added RuneLite's player name indicators (above player) Friend (green): Clan (purple): Team (blue): Non-Clan (red): You'll be able to turn this on in the settings toggles • Added RuneLite's player name indicators (on minimap) With "Crowns on Minimap" toggle: The color will work the same as the player name indicators (above head) Friend (green) Clan (purple) Team (blue) Non-clan (red) • You can now talk to the "Weird Old Man" in the Lumbridge axe shop to recharge your pvp armor/weapons (at a cost) • You can now make super combat potions • Perdu has replaced the Grim Reaper. • Added Trouver Parchment that will protect your untradeables on death. Killers will get a reward of 75% cost of applying parchment to untradeables. • Use Trouver Parchment on untradeables to apply the parchment. To undo the parchment, use the locked item (L) on Perdu. He will refund 95% of the binding fee. QOL/Bug Fixes: • Sound effects config now saves properly • Glacors are weak to Crush attacks. • Fixed displaying ground item overlays for items with large amounts • If you die in the wilderness with a full slayer helm you can claim it back again by talking to Perdu. • Fixed a bug where warhammer (pound) attack style gave shared xp • Fixed a bug where whip (lash) attack style never gave shared xp • Fixed sorting world select columns • Chaos druids have been fixed • Chaotics no longer drop on death (Can be redeemed by Perdu) • Fixed saving "X10 Hits", this setting has been changed to "1X Hit", 10X Hits has been made the new default. • Fixed a bug where commands were not case in-sensitive • Dwarf multi-cannon now automatically sets itself up • Fixed drop table for strykewyrms • Changed focus sign drop rate 1/900 to 1/82 for desert strykes • Modified numerous npc drop tables • Report abuse interface has been fixed • Fixed dung tokens as a currency for shops • Imbued Magic capes are lost past lvl 20 wild and reward killer with gold • Tweaked Bulwark Beast's attack accuracy • Made some improvements to various special attacks • Can no longer drink potion and eat food within the same tick • Castlewars Barricade placement now works like osrs when running • Fixed POH and other instanced locations • Fixed an issue with one hour double xp and drop rate random event • Fixed an autobank bug when opening the bank first and then opening presets • Dragon boots removed from the vote store • Your client settings and profiles no longer get changed when you delete the cache. (Some of your settings may get changed this update since there was some other behind the scene changes to settings)
  2. Beta Updates #3 - Your display rank will now show next to your name. - You can now toggle combat exp from equipment tab or exp orb - Added a toggle "Crowns On Minimap" to show other players display rank on the minimap. - New login screen background - Login screen login box now defaults profiles to open state - Login screen login box can now click a profile to login - Fixed a limitation with our sprite system that prevented us from having many large sprites. - Removed "Price Checker" option on the money pouch orb (This will be added back when we have price checker interface added) - Basilisk will now drain your combat stats if you are not wielding a mirror shield - Fixed Vanessa farming store npc "Trade" option - Changed zerker helm sprite in the preset interface - Optimized client launcher (Will be much smoother and load faster now) - Launcher will now allow you to pick a Java version if you have more than 1 installed on your computer - Removed world 3 from Login screen world select - Made some server optimizations - Npcs can now get poisoned - Can now create a forum account without going to the website first (you can simply log into the game from the client) - Taming master now gives bolt pouch - Fixed level pull animation and teleport location into wild - Fixed revenant token model display - Update npc kill count when killing npcs (no longer need to relog) - You can now open multiple clients on the launcher - Added activity feed - Fixed issue closing client and pressing the warning prompt - Hiscores is now fully working - Voting is now fully working - Made some significant changes to shop system - You can now login using an email or loginname - Updated all shops using a custom currency/points to a better system - Display Recipe For Disaster portal after completing Cook's Assistant - Rewrote Wizard supply shop at home, can now buy items using money pouch - Rewrote Zaff npc at home, can now buy items using money pouch - Fixed an issue where creating a bank pin would show "Enter Bank Pin To Proceed" dialogue. - Can now purchase skillcape using coins in your money pouch - Fixed opening lumbridge doors - Fixed vote rewards - Fixed scroll creation for desert wyrm - Reward player with a free god cape on completion of mage arena 2

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