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    Welcome to Dungeoneering! Dungeoneering is a rather complex skill, some might even call it a mini-game rather then a skill. My goal with making this guide is to help explain how to get 120. This will be a long guide, so bear with me. This is also my first guide, so i hope i did everything alright. Hope you enjoy! ~Akumu DISCLAIMER: I am only 120 dung on RuneScape 3, ive never maxed out on this server (as of making the guide) but ive talked to people that have maxed and they have told me that things are pretty much the same as rs3. if you have any questions please pm me. Step one: Where to start! You will need a ring of kinship, to get one you can teleport to Daemonheim (Using the teleport menu, scrolling down and hitting Dungeoneering tab, then clicking on Daemonheim) Talk to Dungeoneering tutor to get your ring of kinship and you are ready to start the grind to 120! Step two: How to get Better Xp/Hour. Dungeoneering takes many things into consideration when deciding on how much xp you should get when you finish the floor. It comes from higher level and progress meaning you the higher your Dungeoneering level, AND, your previous progress, The better the xp you will get. First off is the Progress bar on the bottom of the Ring of Kinship interface. This will make keeping track of where you are simple. The Current progress is the number of floors that you on completed this prestige. The Previous progress is the number of floors you completed on your last Prestige what do i mean by Prestige, well that's rather simple. Prestiging will set your current progress to your previous progress, and then your current progress will be reset to 0. Doing this you will get the most xp per floor. For example in the above picture, my current progress is floor 23, if i reset it, then my current progress would become 0 and my previous progress will become 23. you might be asking yourself when you want to prestige, and that's simple, Only Prestige when your current progress is the same as your highest floor available. there are other factors that play into how much xp you get per floor, those are ; dungeon size: it can be small, medium or large. to gain access to large floors you need to have 3 people in your party. bonus rooms: rooms that dont lead you to the bosses, the more you do the more xp you get. difficulty: this changes based on how many people you have in the dungeon with you. Complexity; the higher the complexity is, the better the xp, Always do 6 unless rushing (ill explain that better) Deaths: dying gives you an xp penalty, only your deaths count. Ticked and unticked floors: if have a check-mark beside the floor that you have done this will result in you getting less xp for that floor. shown below (the ui is a bit small for my client) Step Three: Making a party. This is where you decide if you want to go with a team, or rock it solo. First you click on your ring and that will bring up an interface; From there hit the form party button, That will give you the option to invite people and change the floor and complexity. Simply right click on the person you wish to invite and click invite, to add them to the party. The person you invite must have nothing equip or in there inventory to join the team, they must have the ring of kinship to enter the dungeon. once you are ready to go click on the ladder on either side of the gate into the Main room. when you click on the entrance you will be greeted with a warning. this simply means the mobs will be harder and the skill rooms will be harder to complete then normal. I normally just do option of how many people i have in the party. once you chose the number you are now officially starting the skill! Step Four: Getting started. when you start the floor for the fist time, you will have an inventory full of stuff. i would recommend right-clicking on each item and clicking bind on a set of melee, range and mage. on that topic that brings us to~ Step five: Binding....what are they? So in the last step i told you to bind some items, and you may have noticed that they have diapered, don't worry they arn't lost, they are in your friend the smuggler, Simply right click on him and click bind-setup. you with get get this ui. you can click and drag any item to the "loadout" area check the little box and then hit the arrow on the right, and you will have the item back in your inventory. Now you only start off with one bind, but as you level up your dungeoneering skill you gain access to have more items on loudout. you can also bind either runes or arrows. My recommended loudout's are one of each weapon, and the chest of the main weapon. then have a secondary weapon. i also bind arrows. once you get comfy with the skill, i recommend dropping the second weapon and put on a Shadow silk hood, and a blood necklace. Step five: How to read the map under the mini-map, there is this icon clicking on it opens a full map of the floor you are on. as every floor is different you will use this a lot. As you explore the dungeon you will reveal more of the map. The important thing to note is when you click on the compass, your camera faces "north". When you then open the map, "north" will be up on the map. Step six: completing the floor. each dungeon is random and it wont always be straight forward to complete. For the sake of keeping things simple and easy to understand ill explain some key things. First off each room can have 6 different types of door. a normal door: opens when you click it. a guardian door: opens once every mob in the room is defeated. a key door: opens when the corresponding key is in your inventory. a skill door: opens once a person with the correct skill requirement does the action to open the door. a puzzle door: you will need to solve a puzzle to open the door. Ive come across 4 of them, if there are more please let me know. (i took the pictures from the rs wiki, because trying to find all of them right now would take to much time and i want to get this guide done sooner rather then later.) Sliding tiles: match the tiles with the image. femennik camp: cook the fish, smith the weapons and fletch the logs. talk to the guy if you are need of a hammer and knife, then talk to him once the tasks are compleat and he will unlock the door. unhappy ghost: unlock the coffin, bless the remains in the coffin, pick up the ring and deposit it into the chest, repair the pillar and the pot. colored recess: push or pull the pillars onto the pressure plate, then search the wall for a shelf of vials, pick one of each color and then apply them to the matching pillar on the pressure plate. Lastly, A boss door: once open you are in the boss room. kill the boss to leave the dungeon. step seven: Bosses (i currently don't have all the bosses unlocked, but from the people i have talked to, i have gotten most of the bosses that are used on this server. i also dont have pictures to most of them due to my level.) each dungeon has a boss that you must kill to leave the dungeon. Gluttonous behemoth: To kill this boss, stand between him and the bloody body, if you don't he will heal. Pray Mage Astea Frostweb: She swaps prayers between all 3 styles, and summons spiders. Pray mage/summon. Bulwark beast: there is a yellow bar on the top left screen, once that is broken you deal damage to him, it breaks faster with a pick, but i have no issues with my sword. Pray Mage. Sagittare: he will have range protection so you can only damage him with melee.Pray range Necrolord: Range him. Pray mage Dreadnaut: he will hit with both mage and melee, you can prayer flick him or just soulsplit and eat food. kal'ger the warmonger: Pray melee when close, range when far. Step eight: Skills and Tiers. you can do just about every skill in rs inside of a dungeon. each skill has items that require different skill levels to make use of. I call them tiers. each tier resembles what level you need to use that item. everything can be bought from the smuggler but its super expensive, and its best if you gathered them yourself. fishing and cooking: these are pretty straight forward. see bubbling water, click fish, you need a feather and fishing rod. The higher the tier the more health it heals. Firemaking, woodcutting, fletching: trees are located around the wall of the dungeon, they can be mined for branches, the higher the tier the less likely you are going to burn your food when used with cooking. Farming, Herblore and crafting: Farming can be done in plots that you find. planting seeds that you find or buy from the smuggler. For herblore, you can get herbs from the plots above, or from drops. or from planters. clean them like normal. you can then buy the seconds from the smuggler, or get them as drops. for potions, there are 3 types you can make, week, medium, and strong Mining And smithing: For mining the ore looks like this you smith at this And this is the Tier list. Step nine: ending once you have unlocked every room and killed the boss, the last thing to do is end the dungeon, to do that, simply climb up the ladder in the same room as the boss. a prompt will ask you if you are sure? hit yes. Now a ui will pop up showing how well you have done, press the number on the top right of the ui, make the number green. the leader will always be number 1, then the party list is in order. when you are ready right click on the number and hit leave. Step ten: quick recap As this guide is rather long, ill do a quick recap, This is an example of how I with level 120 Dungeoneering, on rs would do this skill on turmoil. I would first rush the easy floors. the starting floors. "rushing" means to complete the floors on complexity x1 small. its just ment to get the lower xp floors out of the way as fast as possible. (this number changes as you gain levels in the skill.) this would be an example of what floors to rush. once i get to the last ten or so floors, i change my settings to be complexity x6 and start doing mediums or large if i have the team for them. then once i reach my maximum floor i can reach, i would then reset my current progress and repeat till i get 120 Dungeoneering. Step Eleven: Tips and tricks To move around faster, use the Gate stone teleport. This is a gate stone. the keyer should have the gate stone (the person who is collecting the keys) the gatestone teleport looks like this, and its at home. running though it will tp you to wherever the gate stone is. The penility from dying once really isnt all that bad, so you dont have to take the time to fish or cook. but if it makes you happy, do it. call out the locked doors you see and if you pick up any keys, as it will help keep things going smooth. Congrats. If you have made it this far you now know all there is about the skill Dungoneering....or at the least you have a better understanding of the basics of the skill. i hope this has helped. If you think im missing something please let me know. Keep on grinding.~Akumu
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    Hi again everyone! Thank you all for your continued dedication and patience; here's another bunch of bug fixes for you as well as new content!! Smoke Devil Dungeon!! With the addition of the Smoke Devil Dungeon comes two new creatures to kill, Smoke Devils and the Themonuclear Smoke Devil boss. In the form of new items, the Occult Necklace, Smoke Battlestaff, and Mystic Smoke Staff! To kill the new NPCs you'll need to be wearing a Facemask/Slayer Helmet as well as a Slayer level of 93. Smoke devils have ranged magic hits. The smoke devil's ranged levels will be used to calculate accuracy against the player's magic defense/bonuses. Thermonuclear Smoke devil hits through prayers, but the regular smoke devil's damage can be negated using Protect from Ranged prayers. If you don't want to use protect prayers, then equip high magic defense gear. You can be assigned Smoke Devils as a Slayer task from Duradel. Corporeal Beast This not so formidable foe has received some buffs to bring him in line with how he's actually meant to be. As an example, he didn't ever spawn dark core and his HP was 750 instead of 2,000. He's a harder fight now, but with a few defense lowering special attacks and being on-task you'll make easy work of him. Bug Fixes Charms have become a lot more available through NPC drops. They may still need some tweaking - please give me your feedback! Fixed the bug not letting you re-weild the Chaotic Staff in MAX NH tournaments. Added missing items to the Herblore Supplies shop, as well as making the items noted for easier purchasing. Fixed the kept on death values of Viggora's, Craw's and Thammaron's (some other items too). Bandos Godsword now uses 50% per Special Attack instead of 60%. Dharok's effect formula has been improved. Melee accuracy/combat formula has been improved. Boot will now fix your Cannon using money from your pouch. Box of Health is now free. Black Mask can now be operated to check kills remaining. Fixed Castle Wars Ticket description. Added stats to Melee Dungeoneering NPCs. Uncharged Bracelet of Ethereums can now be dismantled for 100 Revenant Ether.
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    Hi everyone! Another Thursday brings another update and in this one we've addressed a bunch of highly requested issues. We'll also be detailing a few things we're aiming to fix specifically in the coming weeks, as well as new content we want to add! GAME UPDATES Wilderness All untradeable items will now go to Perdu on death, regardless of you being in the Wilderness or not. They will still be kept based on death value however, meaning some items will always protect over others (you would keep a Chaotic Rapier over a Fire Cape, for example. Fire Cape would go to Perdu, Chaotic Rapier to your Inventory). Please see the below example picture: The Slayer Helmet will now convert to a Black Mask upon death (this will only happen when killed by another player in the Wilderness). Fixed a bug where Chaotics were not correctly being protected upon death in the Wilderness. Dungeoneering Fixed a bug where you could equip Chaotics without the correct Dungeoneering level (80). Fixed a bug that stopped players cooking more than 1 fish on a fire inside Dungeoneering. You no longer lose your bound items if you disconnect whilst Dungeoneering. Dungeoneering Tokens have been buffed from floors 1-34. Miscellaneous Resting has been fixed, it now restores run energy faster and scales based on your Agility level. There is now a health box outside Home bank that will heal your HP, lowered stats, special attack and run energy! Players are now removed from Clan Chats if they X log. Ironmen now have access to the Armour Set Shop as well as the ability to open sets via the same NPC. Slayer Masters will no longer walk away before you've had a chance to finish speaking to them (sorry Taric). The chat messages for buying items back from Perdu have been made clearer. Increased the cost of buying back PvP items from the Weird Old Man. A lot of item drop values have been adjusted to allow for the correct items to protect over others. Client Fixed an issue with Ground Decorations showing. XP drops now fade when they go away. Fixed a bu where XP drops were able to show an XP drop of 0. FUTURE ROADMAP Alongside continuing to fix the extensive list of bugs you've provided to us, we have plans for a few more features in the coming weeks. I'll list these below! Client RuneLite settings tab Website Improve performance of the website. Improve/fix the Donator Store and Highscores. Spinning Wheel/Squeal of Fortune???!!!! Server Smoke Devils + Thermonuclear Smoke Devil. Player Minigame Bots (to increase activity of minigames). Fixing stats for Dungeoneering NPCs (so they actually deal damage). Custom Edgeville home map. Improving Charm Drop rates and creating popular spots to farm charms (rock lobsters, bosses etc). Dharok Minigame! We hope you are as excited as we are for what's to come!! Look out for another post from Narcos soon regarding advertising and server growth!!!
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    Hello and welcome to my 1-120 Dungeoneering Guide on Turmoil RSPS. In this guide I'll be taking you through everything you need to know to level up your Dungeoneering in the most efficient way possible. Requirements for starting Dungeoneering: -Ring of Kinship (can be bought from general store if lost) -Technically no stat requirements -Recommended Stats -70+ Attack -70+ Strength -70+ Defence -70+ Range -64 Magic (For using the spell Gatestone Teleport) -54 Runecrafting (For creating law runes) -50+ Agility (Run energy depletes very quickly in the dungeons) General Strategy: Your first dungeon will be a very simple Floor 1 Complexity 1 Frozen Dungeon. It is very simple and you merely have to go through doors and kill the boss. Once you've completed each complexity between 1-6 at least once you will fully unlock complexity 6 and the real Dungeoneering will begin. Progress through the floors always completing the next highest floor you can complete and never repeating a floor and always doing so on Complexity 6, the highest complexity, for maximum experience. Avoid killing monsters that are not blocking Guardian doors or preventing you from completing a puzzle as it slows down your experience and wastes time. However, you should always look to open any and all bonus doors that you can reach and which you don't have to boost to complete. Also while completing any Complexity 6 Dungeon remember to do two things before starting the dungeon. 1: Buy a toolkit from the Smuggler's store using the Rusty Coins you can find on the Starting Table and open it. 2: Take Rune Essence off the Starting Table or buy it from the Smuggler's Store and create Law Runes. Binds are a very important part of Dungeoneeering and will be your main key to a fast and efficient 1-120 run. When you first start out you will only have 1 bind spot but will get more as you level up Dungeoneering. Focus on binding the best melee weapon you have available to you and the best ranged weapon you have available as well as some arrows and look to pick up armor binds along the way. Recommended Binding Order: Best Rapier>Best Shortbow>Best Gloves>Best Boots There are a lot of puzzles in Dungeoneering and most are fairly straightforward but if you need help on any puzzle please refer to this guide here: https://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/dungeoneering_puzzles.htm Bosses: There are many bosses you'll face while Dungeoneering, heres a short rundown of each of them. Frozen Floors: Gluttonous Behemoth: Tanky boss but does very little damage. Make sure to stand in between the animal corpse and the boss to prevent him from eating from it and healing. Astea Frostweb: Uses protection prayers periodically so it is recommended to kill her with both melee and ranged for quicker kills. Abandoned Floors: Bulwark Beast: Incredibly annoying boss, you will need to equip a pickaxe and attack him with it in order to break down his armor and then kill him with your best melee weapon. Furnished Floors: Sagittare: Simple concept as a boss but can also be very annoying. Don't stand near him when he goes to teleport and try to follow his movements to be near his teleport location before he gets there. (A high agility level is very useful for this boss to avoid the amount of time you spend walking rather than running. Occult Floors: Necrolord: Very straightforward boss, you can not use Melee however, so use the best shortbow and best arrows you have and kill him, ignore the skeletons that he spawns periodically. Warped Floors: Kal'Ger the Warmonger: Kal'Ger is fairly straightforward but you will need two styles of combat to kill him (melee and ranged). He has high health but fairly low defence. He will periodically move around the room and pick up different weapons so just switch to your shortbow when he flies across the room and you should be fine. DreadNaut: Low Defence and Low Health but capable of heavy damage. Pay attention to your screen as he can very easily kill you with his special attack which can deal 50+ typeless unmitigatable damage. Rewards: Rewards are a huge part of the reason anyone goes near Dungeoneering, notable rewards are listed below with prices are listed below. BoneCrusher-34k Herbicide-34k Charming Imp-34k Ring of Vigour-44k Demon Horn necklace-38k Arcane Stream Necklace-150k All Chaotics-200k Each For reference it took me around till level 98 to obtain 200k tokens, your numbers may vary slightly. Final Notes: Thanks for making it this far in the guide and I hoped it helped you. Keep in mind this guide was intended for new players or players who haven't Dungeoneered in a while and may have forgotten a few things so it obviously has a lot of very basic information that might seem painfully obvious to any veteran. Also if you're new and need any help in game you can pm me in game @Taric and I can do my best to help you out. Finally here a list of known bugs in Dungeoneering. I will remove this section as these bugs are resolved. -Selling items to the Smuggler gives Coins and not Rusty Coins, which have no purpose in the dungeon and can't be used in any way. -Players can be trapped inside skeletons while fighting Necrolord and are unable to attack or move. -Skilling nodes are occasionally trapped behind unpassable terrain and are therefore useless. -Animated Pickaxes are occasionally invisible and can only be identified by the yellow dot on the minimap. -Combat EXP is not rewarded properly in the dungeon. -Can't unbind arrows and bind new ones.
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    Hi , I decided to make a useful guide on how to kill the smoke devils and the boss *THERMONUCLEAR SMOKE DEVIL* REQUIREMENTS: - 93 SLAYER LEVEL - SLAYER HELMET ***Smoke Devil drops & rates*** 1/412: occult necklace 1/82: dragon chainbody 1/16: Green charm 1/9: black d'hide vambs , rune scimitar , rune spear , gold charm 1/4: crimson charm 1/2: wine of zamorak 1/1: ashes ***THERMONUCLEAR SMOKE DEVIL*** 1/5000: Pet smoke devil , mystic smoke staff 1/412: Smoke battlestaff 1/212: Occult Necklace 1/82: Dragon chainbody 1/16: Green charm 1/9: black d'hide vambs , rune scimitar , rune spear , gold charm 1/4: crimson charm 1/2: wine of zamorak 1/1: ashes ***Teleport Location*** Click on the teleport tab , choose 'dungeons' scroll down to the bottom , you'll find smoke devil dungeon, and you're right there! https://gyazo.com/49a4236b7461695b9e297855c827ef87 DUNGEON: https://gyazo.com/5ba0b53d2273e64ec906a160ad9dbbda once you teleported , you'll find yourself here , so if you're looking for the boss , theres a way to it , ill explain. BOSS: https://gyazo.com/6d7dca6677d0d4ed4381eafdf2b25858 head northwest you'll find a hole you can pass by to enter the boss' room. ***GEAR*** FOCUS on high mage defense (use ranged gear) with melee weapon , i'd recommend a spectral spirit shield which is cheap and best for magic defense, use an accurate melee weapon. And , Don't forget the SLAYER HELMET you really would need this so you're combats doesn't get drained by the smoke devil. https://gyazo.com/ff01f9712f6530f0276eabfe1a5cdab5 ***COMBAT*** I found a good solution on how to not get food and stay there for 30mins-1hr or any time you'd like to stay for. Its simple! all you gotta do is pray SS & Turm , you'll get healed by every 5+ damage you deal , don't forget to drink prayer renewals every 5 minutes , you can make them by combining morcella mushrooms + fellstalks. NOTE : You can't AFK this , because the smoke devils will never attack you if you didn't attack , every 4-5 minutes it changes it spawn by 2-3 steps if you decided to 'autoclick' it. https://www.turmoi.io/vote/ for a 20% drop bonus! *THIS HELPS ALOT*. You can use a ring of wealth for a chance of getting good drops , and don't forget to vote for the 20% drop bonus! Thanks for reading this guide , goodluck on drops 🙂 ! - DEATH.
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    Great update ! improved so many things in 1 update +1 luke <3!
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    Great job! Keep up with the good work! Appreciated much! 🙂
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    Great work guys! Keep it up 🙂
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    Nice updates, thanks for the continued work!
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    damn LIT update ❤️ ! good work tho , much attention to this server luke haaa 😛 !
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    Great Update! lots of bug fixes and great new updates to the content
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    you seriously made a topic about reporting me, when we both have enough proof of eacother flaming one and other grow up if u cant handle it dont talk ur shit 😛
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    death what happend to clanbanter you cant take it no more, tbh who wouldnt be mat at somone who multi logg pks and tb / focus people on multiple clients at once 😞
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    im puttin him on ignore myself if only u could see what u said first lool I don't flame u for no reason well anyway ignored it is
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    Video was made in about in 1st half of the week the server was released onto the 2nd week of it coming out. Was hard to find some decent clips since the wilderness was always dead but we did find some SS clowns caught with their pants down 😛 Ahrims+d claw pk ^
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    Hello , due to the toxicity of clan wars , this has nothing to do with personality/family flames etc, I keep getting flamed by some people who get mad through clan wars when they lose or the toxicity between us.. im not here to be toxic in all ways , im here to have fun and I think clan warring would be the most fun if you really love pking, sometimes yeah we all get mad through wars n shit but doesn't reach the point of flaming mothers irl or etc if you go ultra-mad.. just log out or take a break and youll be totally fine .. I guess we can still have wars going on without toxicity , but its hard for everyone to understand this. I highly-recommend not to flame other people and be good with everyone else in this cool economy.. be respectful,talk nicely,get what you deserve. that's all .. we aren't 9 yr old school kids here crying over a game or a wildy pk or shit etc, grow up men we can do this nicely instead of getting reported/muted/jailed for a simple reason which isn't deserved. Anyone here I been toxic with , forget it , im sorry and not that type of guy fr.
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    Maxed boyssss https://gyazo.com/721663f332f06d55f5bf4cc224d872b5
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