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Update #1: Day After Release Updates

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Hi everyone!

We hope you are enjoying your time here at Turmoil so far. I know release day wasn't as smooth as we had liked however thank you for everyone who has been reporting issues; that really helps us improve Turmoil. Over the past couple weeks we have been fixing bugs you all have been reporting. We have also been listening to your feedback and have been adding new features to the game that you guys are requesting!

Here's a list of QOL updates from our last Beta #3 update to day after launch. Next update we'll have new features for you guys and continue to improve your experience on Turmoil so stay tuned!


• We have added Discord integration with Turmoil. It's very simple right now but there's a lot we still have planned for this. If you head over to Lounge ➡ ingame-events the Discord bot will tell you when certain events are active. Such as minigames, double exp, PK Tournaments etc.


• Fixed issue with auto retaliate while running away when being attacked (Gonna make combat feel a lot more smoother)



  • • Fixed issue with crafting rings, necklaces and amulets (would disconnect you before)
  • spacer.png
  • • Fixed Draynor Jail Guard npc models and animations (swapped them with osrs ones)
  • spacer.png
  • • Fixed broad arrows bought from the slayer shop not being stackable.
  • • Fixed slayer gloves bought from the slayer shop not being wieldable.
  • • Disabled OpenGL on mac (We will look into fixing this down the road)
  • • Fixed a bug with clicking Rapid Restore prayer (it thought it was Rapid Renewal and required 65 prayer :O)
  • • Updated dialogues for King Roald. Talk to him if you would like to take on a challenge and prestige your account.  (don't mind the tiny player head model :D)
  • spacer.png
  • • Made an optimization for downloading the cache. Should be much faster for everyone now.
  • • Fixed clicking to open url on Mac OS (e.g fixes clicking "Forgot Password" on login screen which is suppose to open your default browser and navigate to https://www.turmoil.io/lostpassword)
  • • Fixed dwarf multicannon models
  • • Pvp weapons and armor e.g vesta, statius, morrigans, zuriels no longer degrades. (If you receive a degraded item via drop then it will continue to degrade)
  • • The Bracelet of Ethereum now functions correctly.
  • • Revenant Cave NPCs fixed.
  • • The Summoning Shop has been expanded on.
  • • You will now continue to gain 400x XP rate in a combat skill in the Wilderness up until you gain 99 in that skill.
  • • Dungeoneering Shop has been fixed.
  • • Ironmen ranks now save upon logout.
  • • Slayer Helms are no longer tradeable.
  • • The time left to complete the Season Pass has been increased to 45 days (44 remaining as of now). This is subject to review/change based on your feedback!
  • • Attack option "Left click where available" has been fixed.
  • • Players logging in for the first time will now be put straight into the "Help" Clan Chat.
  • • The Inferno has been fixed (with such a precise minigame if anything still happens to be lacking please do not hesitate to tell us).
  • • PK Tournament presets have been adjusted, with the Super Combat potion being added.
  • • Voting rewards are now automatically claimed.

There's plenty more we will be fixing, thank you to everyone who is helping by reporting bugs and posting suggestions. All of your feedback and contributions are valued highly!



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Great to hear

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Keep up the good work.

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