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  2. xf1r3x

    First to P3 Max

    Gzz bro! Awesome accomplishment! Time to boss!
  3. slayer

    First to P3 Max

    Gzzzz! That’s an incredible accomplishment!
  4. ryan

    First to P3 Max

    Finally done, 1st in the server πŸ˜„
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  6. Okay hey guys Boo here... So my eyes are fucked and I'd appreciate it if we could zoom in on the gaming interface a bit further. I've noticed you can do it on other servers and it helps me out a lot when I'm kicking back gaming on my laptop from a far view. Thanks
  8. Hey there turmoilers! Please let me know if you need any guides to be added to make things go easier.
  9. NICE GUIDE! and only hours after the update. thanks for putting in so much work
  10. oops i'll add that in. duradel!
  11. Hi , I decided to make a useful guide on how to kill the smoke devils and the boss *THERMONUCLEAR SMOKE DEVIL* REQUIREMENTS: - 93 SLAYER LEVEL - SLAYER HELMET ***Smoke Devil drops & rates*** 1/412: occult necklace 1/82: dragon chainbody 1/16: Green charm 1/9: black d'hide vambs , rune scimitar , rune spear , gold charm 1/4: crimson charm 1/2: wine of zamorak 1/1: ashes ***THERMONUCLEAR SMOKE DEVIL*** 1/5000: Pet smoke devil , mystic smoke staff 1/412: Smoke battlestaff 1/212: Occult Necklace 1/82: Dragon chainbody 1/16: Green charm 1/9: black d'hide vambs , rune scimitar , rune spear , gold charm 1/4: crimson charm 1/2: wine of zamorak 1/1: ashes ***Teleport Location*** Click on the teleport tab , choose 'dungeons' scroll down to the bottom , you'll find smoke devil dungeon, and you're right there! https://gyazo.com/49a4236b7461695b9e297855c827ef87 DUNGEON: https://gyazo.com/5ba0b53d2273e64ec906a160ad9dbbda once you teleported , you'll find yourself here , so if you're looking for the boss , theres a way to it , ill explain. BOSS: https://gyazo.com/6d7dca6677d0d4ed4381eafdf2b25858 head northwest you'll find a hole you can pass by to enter the boss' room. ***GEAR*** FOCUS on high mage defense (use ranged gear) with melee weapon , i'd recommend a spectral spirit shield which is cheap and best for magic defense, use an accurate melee weapon. And , Don't forget the SLAYER HELMET you really would need this so you're combats doesn't get drained by the smoke devil. https://gyazo.com/ff01f9712f6530f0276eabfe1a5cdab5 ***COMBAT*** I found a good solution on how to not get food and stay there for 30mins-1hr or any time you'd like to stay for. Its simple! all you gotta do is pray SS & Turm , you'll get healed by every 5+ damage you deal , don't forget to drink prayer renewals every 5 minutes , you can make them by combining morcella mushrooms + fellstalks. NOTE : You can't AFK this , because the smoke devils will never attack you if you didn't attack , every 4-5 minutes it changes it spawn by 2-3 steps if you decided to 'autoclick' it. https://www.turmoi.io/vote/ for a 20% drop bonus! *THIS HELPS ALOT*. You can use a ring of wealth for a chance of getting good drops , and don't forget to vote for the 20% drop bonus! Thanks for reading this guide , goodluck on drops πŸ™‚ ! - DEATH.
  12. https://gyazo.com/bd2904cb3857608e755351155cc58f93 Hello , I got 2000 Skeletal horror Killcount and loots are : x1 Skele horror pet. x2 Korasi's sword. x8 frostbite daggers. x6 amulet of ranging. x9 arcane pulse necklace. x120 torstol seeds. x2650 mithril seeds. x276 Grenwall spikes. x92 papaya fruits. x360 ground mud runes. x760 morcella mushrooms. x260 dragon bones. NOTE : These are all the items I collected , I didn't need the rest so yeah... and no idea why arcane pulse necklaces drop by skele while it shouldn't , its untradeable , but you can kill your alt on main if you got one to x-fer. ~ Death
  13. death


    Presets are working unfortunately, but it broke again , like sometimes it spawns other stuff from the bank instead of pots , food , etc.
  14. Btw , for the smoke devils , should we have them as a task? if yes , which slayer master gives them?
  15. Great update ! improved so many things in 1 update +1 luke <3!
  16. Great job! Keep up with the good work! Appreciated much! πŸ™‚
  17. Great work guys! Keep it up πŸ™‚
  18. Nice updates, thanks for the continued work!
  19. Hi again everyone! Thank you all for your continued dedication and patience; here's another bunch of bug fixes for you as well as new content!! Smoke Devil Dungeon!! With the addition of the Smoke Devil Dungeon comes two new creatures to kill, Smoke Devils and the Themonuclear Smoke Devil boss. In the form of new items, the Occult Necklace, Smoke Battlestaff, and Mystic Smoke Staff! To kill the new NPCs you'll need to be wearing a Facemask/Slayer Helmet as well as a Slayer level of 93. Smoke devils have ranged magic hits. The smoke devil's ranged levels will be used to calculate accuracy against the player's magic defense/bonuses. Thermonuclear Smoke devil hits through prayers, but the regular smoke devil's damage can be negated using Protect from Ranged prayers. If you don't want to use protect prayers, then equip high magic defense gear. You can be assigned Smoke Devils as a Slayer task from Duradel. Corporeal Beast This not so formidable foe has received some buffs to bring him in line with how he's actually meant to be. As an example, he didn't ever spawn dark core and his HP was 750 instead of 2,000. He's a harder fight now, but with a few defense lowering special attacks and being on-task you'll make easy work of him. Bug Fixes Charms have become a lot more available through NPC drops. They may still need some tweaking - please give me your feedback! Fixed the bug not letting you re-weild the Chaotic Staff in MAX NH tournaments. Added missing items to the Herblore Supplies shop, as well as making the items noted for easier purchasing. Fixed the kept on death values of Viggora's, Craw's and Thammaron's (some other items too). Bandos Godsword now uses 50% per Special Attack instead of 60%. Dharok's effect formula has been improved. Melee accuracy/combat formula has been improved. Boot will now fix your Cannon using money from your pouch. Box of Health is now free. Black Mask can now be operated to check kills remaining. Fixed Castle Wars Ticket description. Added stats to Melee Dungeoneering NPCs. Uncharged Bracelet of Ethereums can now be dismantled for 100 Revenant Ether.
  20. https://gyazo.com/1a48a5e99ee568edabe62072664369f3 You can't wield a chaotic staff once unequipped, due to not having 80 dung , but im already 120 dung and still cant equip it.
  21. Thanks for the feedback , I see it so clear & organized , a step-by-step to follow guide. You just hatin'.
  22. Messy and horrible guide. Unorganized. Hoping for better guide in this server. Sadly only a handful are.
  23. Hi , I made a new ma2 cape guide for those new players who doesn't know how to get the cape , so first of all you'll have to have some requirements and gear up like this : REQUIREMENTS : 75 MAGIC LEVEL, 99 is easy to get though and would make it way easier and faster. ***GEAR***https://gyazo.com/8cd69387cfdab63a972cf2a24ff4120c , and tele up to ::mb .. dragon dagger is used to slash the webs instantly , you'll have to finish out the quest first before going for ma2 bosses which is spell 100 saradomin casts , 100 guthix casts , 100 zamorak casts at the mage arena : https://gyazo.com/3c0facc996d8717628bcbb0bb1adc169. every spell you cast , theres a counter which makes it easier to know how many you got left! https://gyazo.com/d524692c60af2ec3d486f93d9b46a52e . After you finish that quest , you'll have to talk to Kolodion at mage bank , you can tele up there by typing ::mb , or clicking the teleport menu and choosing wilderness > mage bank. LAST STEP! We're finally done with this! You'll have to collect the remains from the three wilderness beings (bosses of ma2) , Kolodion will give you an enchanted symbol which makes it an easier way to find out the bosses location .. here's a map of where you can find them. *MAP* : https://gyazo.com/929e1f8868a7e055eb4a938fbd706432 NOTE : You'll have to use the enchanted symbol once your in the spot of the location , so you can know which boss is spawned in this spot. "The symbol is warm , but warmer than last time" means that you're getting closer the spot! "The symbol is cold" - means that you're far away. "The symbol is very hot" - Very close. 1) SARADOMIN - https://gyazo.com/9fe95776c0b80d4fa4fe97bb81e444ba , once you see this boss , you should stay on saradomin cape and staff so you can hit. This is a powerful boss , once he pulls you toward him , pray melee so you don't get hit so hard b2b. DROP : Justiciar's hand - tps://gyazo.com/8c732aec49ec61e69a1bdfd4d8f06d6a , that's 1/3 piece we have 2 left to find 2) GUTHIX - https://gyazo.com/926a998f2cbb8b3730f703fd32e5e0b1 , on this boss , you'll have to wear a guthix cape and staff , it doesn't hit but spawn energy balls which heals him , so all you got to do is , kill the energy balls so he can stop healing. DROP : Ent's roots - https://gyazo.com/44932affa3629fd7a3f01ec3df1a0286 , that's 2/3 piece we have 1 left to find 3) ZAMORAK - https://gyazo.com/68651a65ca70b2b1cf22d5184c0a6bb6 . on this boss , you should wear the zamorak cape + staff , it's easy to kill! DROP : Demon's heart - https://gyazo.com/3ae1b46cb4992bfb3eabfbbea45159dd , 3/3 pieces are ready ! Now , you should go back to Kolodion and speak with him so he can imbue a god cape at your own choice ! https://gyazo.com/cde9e4865a4023900090b681ea791c03 https://gyazo.com/f19c52b72f4f76cb960a48a061af1eb7 GET YOUR OWN CAPE NOW! Thanks everyone for following this guide , please remind me if I forgot anything.
  24. narcos

    Slayer helms

    Okay, thanks for mentioning it, will resolve the issue.
  25. death

    Slayer helms

    Hi , today I was afking corp beast … I lost a black slayer helm on death , it turned into a black mask .. this shouldn't work like that it should only turn into black mask at wildy 30+ as usual .. fix coloured slayer helms value on death make them go back to perdu.
  26. death

    First to max 2nd prestige

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